Work-Related Stuff

In my time since leaving secondary school, I have had a wide range of paying jobs, Some mundane, some interesting, but all of them were good to have if for nothing else than for the experience.

While in college:-

  • Glass collector in ‘The Park’ nightclub in the Parkway, Limerick.
  • Petrol station employee, Cashel Service Station.
  • Co-op in Wyeth Nutritional in Askeaton,
  • Iarnrod Eireann trackworker.
  • Dell EMF3 stacker operator on the production line.
  • Dell tester of Windows Millenium on the Dell gold builds in the PAKO building.
  • Co-op in Transitions Optical, Tuam.
  • ITD student liaison, on-campus in UL

After I finished college

  • I started in Cork for TouchKey technology, designing building and installing touchscreen kiosks. That lasted about 9 months after I was laid off in June 2003!
  • After spending the summer unemployed I started in Mediasatellite Ireland again in Cork,  progressed internally there to Technical Support Lead, putting up with late wages and other fun and games and resigning in February 2007 after three and a half years putting up with it all.
  • Next up was Sentiera Ltd, based in Limerick. There I was an admin and general techie person, streamlining the creation of media player drive images, and installing these in customer environments. After this company ran out of venture capital I was moved back onto the dole queue.
  • I spent 3 years employed in Galway for Attachmate NetIQ, a privately owned multinational company that is in the enterprise software business. I was on the Security Support team there, managing some interesting large customers! This was one place I was happy to stay until the company merged with Novell – this means that the products I support were “going away”. The people were generally great, the products actually work, and business wasn’t too bad, though there were some pretty dumb decisions made!
  • Eight years of working as a Senior Unix Sysadmin for Thomson Reuters, based in Limerick. Much better and more ethical company to work for, and a great bunch to work with.
  • Contracting with Google in Zurich, involved with a project to improve onsite tech support.
  • Contracting as a Senior Systems Engineer for GlobalPay Ireland, and moved onwards once the contract finished the duration.
  • Currently working with Epam Systems, seconded onsite with one of the major Swiss banks in a longterm role.

It has been a fairly varied career path to date. I’ve managed to get a bit of most types of roles from the customer facing minimum wage drone through to small company general techie, to being a cog in a large machine, and being considered an expert in the field.

I’m always on the lookout for interesting avenues and opportunities, and since I completed the Grad Dip in Engineering, I’ve got the paperwork to prove some of the abilities.