Ugh, Covid

So, after some two and a half years since the current unmentionable plague was first noted, we (finally) fell foul of the virus last week

We were wondering why we felt crappy and ill from ~Wednesday/Thursday, and we did lateral flow home tests on Sunday last. Both of us came up with a red “T” line before the wicking even reached the “C” line. Off to the doc Monday for PCR tests, both came back as Positive, unsurprisingly.

I have the week signed off from work, and I’ve needed it to recover. Moderate symptoms, including some of the more esoteric uncommon ones. Currently the major symptoms are abating, but the tiredness and low concentration levels are still present, I’m sleeping lots.

Rest, fluids, paracetamol, ibuprofen, more rest. Not a lot more that can be done really.

The hardest part is being sensible and not leaving the apartment for the duration of symptoms; there are older people in the building and neighbourhood that would not appreciate being exposed, even at this stage in the proceedings. At least we did have enough food in stock to do a quarantine with out too much difficulty. The Carrefour full-fat UHT milk is actually pretty good once refrigerated, and we had a handful of that to hand, breadrolls were in the freezer. Actually nothing that we needed to leave the apartment for, for the ~10 days expected.

It’s also worth noting that having contracted this damned virus, does not guarantee immunity from it or similar variants in the future. I’ve seen enough people catch this thing twice, and that is not a nice situation. So, when recovered, still maintaining the normal masking and all that.

I’m really looking forwards to getting some shopping done, and to demolish a burger or two when the appetite properly returns.

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