Some updates to the main PC.

WD lost something like 6.5 percent of the world’s yearly supply of NAND flash memory, so it seemed like a good idea to do the planned SSD update before prices started to rise again in a few weeks..

I decided to continue to stay within the Asus/Corsir theme for the main PC, and I’m updating the main SSD from the current 960Gb Corsair MP510 to the uber-fast Corsair MP600 Pro XT, this time in the 2000Gb sizing. Expected read and write speeds are in the 7Tb/sec range, which is a little boost from the ~3Tb/sec I am currently getting.

The MP510 will be transferred to the second SSD slot and I’ll likely use that as the base for a new Linux installation. Though, I might propagate it downwards to update the Dell laptop that I am also using a lot. I’ll do the update after we return from the trip.

It’s still a behemoth of a machine (R9-3900X, 48Gb DDR4-3600 etc), but I suspect it’ll be a fair while until I get a chance to upgrade the graphics card to one I want. At least the 2080 performs fairly well for the moment!

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