New callsign allocated

As I have a valid HAREC certificate from the IRTS exam I took last July 2020, I am entitled to apply for a local callsign here in Switzerland.

The application went in to the BAKOM group last week, and they send me out a lovely little very professional state-generated credit-card sized ID-type card with my photo and my new callsign on it.

So for operating here in the Zurich region, I am HB9HJF, with a full Swiss amateur radio license, and I can use the full 1000W allowed under Swiss law for the majority of the amateur band allocations. Some restrictions that make sense: 1W on 2km, 5W on 630m, 15W on 60m, and 100W on 6m; other than those the amateur bands from 160m through 23cm are 1000W of radio power. I can reach that output level with the amplifier and radio that I have, and it’ll make making contacts that little bit easier.

The next interesting part now is how to get the permission to put up an antenna externally or on top of the building where our new apartment is located. In the meantime I can use a lower-power internal antenna without problems.

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