The adventure continues.

After choosing to not continue the short-term contract with the financial company in Dublin, I took up the offer of permanent employment in Zurich. It’s been an interesting journey from locked-down Ireland to a cautious Zurich.

When my work contract was nearing its end, the company were not making the right kind of contract extension noises soon enough for my personal comfort, so I started looking hard for a permanent position. Contract work is good and all, but the benefits of permanence far outweigh the advantages I could leverage as a contractor in Ireland.

Since about November I had been having a conversation with a group in Switzerland about the possibility of coming on-board as a full time Switzerland-based employee. Those conversations were accelerated over the Christmas period, with some discussions with their technical people and their HR people. They decided I would be acceptable to be brought onboard to a panel that could then be sent onsite at this firm’s customers.

Once my skillset and a customer’s requirements were seen to match closely enough, more conversations were had – remotely of course. The end customer people decided I would suffice, and the appropriate paperwork was drawn up, and a start date decided upon based on my current contract’s end time.

Of course, the new position does in fact mean that I am changing residency. The plan is to be fully moved over to Zurich in a few months, and transferring pretty much everything over as appropriate.

There’s an amount of administrative work involved in emigrating correctly, and immigrating correctly to the Swiss nation. All to be expected though. Lots of forms to fill in, and lots of transport requirements to be met. Even more so now that there’s a Europe-wide set of travel restrictions..

Definitely a new chapter in the adventure..

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