Nice! NCT passed no issues!

After failing the last Nct in May, and being out of the country for a while kayaking, the earliest date they could give me for the next test was today.. So I dropped the silver car in to be examined. I was a little apprehensive about the little ‘scratch’, but they didn’t consider that an issue thankfully! Everything was in order, and the car drives very well for a car with 334,000kms on it! Given what I’ve invested in it to keep it running, I’ve no immediate need to change it, but I’m always window shopping for a nice German …

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C&S Recruitment drive – a long, but fun day..

Yesterday was the annual ULSU Clubs and Societies recruitment drive, hosted in the UL Arena. For the past few weeks, I’ve been preparing the Skynet cluster infrastructure for this event, resurrecting the physical webserver after the hdds cooked during a previous aircon failure, and getting a few other little bits and pieces sorted. I had a lot of work to do to facilitate Keith O’Neill of Bluechief, as he was updating and upgrading the ULSU website, and Skynet had agreed to provide the hosting and backend management for that site. The day itself was a long long day, in the …

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Fun in Bikepark Ireland

I was recently out in Bike Park Ireland and had a great day out there. John came along for his first time there, and he brought his ’07 Specialised Enduro and I brought my Santa Cruz V10 dh bike. It was definitely far too early for me to be getting up at that hour of the morning after finishing work at something like 4am, so I was definitely slower than I’d like to be but John was definitely getting up to speed as the day went on. Definitely a good day. Somewhere about 20 runs in total, mostly on the …

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More toys.. A Wii has been added to my collection

Yes, I’ve sourced a Nintendo Wii! I was doing a little tidying up of some stuff in the house, and I came across an old external harddrive. Looking at the contents I realised that I had backed up the games that were there when a Wii used to be under the television. I remembered fondly some of the games, and after some checking on I found a decent set of a Wii and accessories and a nice games collection for a decently low price. So I picked it up yesterday evening, and immediately proceeded to set about softmodding and …

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A little bit of solar system astrophotography!

Saturday night after work, I set up the 12″ dob with the camera attached, and I tried recording some video clips of Jupiter and Saturn, and after a bit of processing I got these two spectacular pictures out at the end.. Jupiter, with Io and it’s shadow on the cloud tops: Saturn, with a clear Cassini’s division : Quite happy with these pics, and it’ll only get better!

Project: Lighten the Reign X1 a little bit..

After the biking in Wicklow when I was having a little trouble dragging that bike uphill, I’ve begun a project to lighten the Reign X a little bit, without lightening my wallet too much. So I’ve upgraded from a coil DHX 3.0 to a secondhand DHX 5.0 air shock that came from the UK, and that lightened the bike by a fair chunk of a kilo, as well as giving me more tweaking possibilities with the setup, and I like my tweaking! Tyres – I’ve swapped out the 2.5″ DHF/DHR supertacky combination and put back on the 2.25″ ADvantage 60a XC …

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Some bike maintenance work, and a shiny new XC helmet

After my little ground collision at speed in Wicklow before Christmas, I decided I had to retire the helmet that I was wearing on that trip. CRC were doing clearance sales on a few bits, and included was a Cratoni Terrox helmet at 70% off. I wanted a helmet that I could use with my goggles and this looked as though it should work okay with them. Opening the box I saw that the helmet has a carbon fibre frame, a range of foam inserts to velcro on for fine tuning the fit, and there’s a net insert to prevent …

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Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie. Just because you may take offence is no reason to persecute. The issue is with you and the lack of acceptance, not the entity you take offence at. That is all.

New telescope!

I saw a Skywatcher 12″ FlexTube Dob for sale on DoneDeal recently, and managed to scrape together the cash to go and get it. For once the new astro equipment curse did not hold true, and I had a clear night sky to play with. First light was with M35, M1, and M42. M42 is beautiful with 12″ aperture. Then I decided to go and clean up and start the modding process. I took the mirror out and gave it a good rinse, carefully using fingertips and hydraulic pressure to remove the crap that had built up on the mirror …

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