Lots of time in the driving seat.. Galway –> Achill. Achill <–> Erris Head. Achill –> Galway –> Castleknock. Nearly tired of driving! Somewhere around 10 hours of driving between 8pm Friday and midnight Sunday night, as well as doing rescue for the Triathlon that took place on Saturday in Blacksod Bay. I’m a tired bunny. I’ve now got 3 days onsite with a customer in Dublin, for my first Professional Services engagement. Nice opportunity, and I’m learning loads. Staying in the Castleknock Hotel which is nice enough, rooms are pleasant, staff are nice and helpful, and I’m less than …

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Site setup (cont.)

Whahey! Right, now I’ve managed to get the gallery part working as expected, and I’ve started to migrate my pictures from random directories through to the Gallery2 backend. I’m happy! People can now register and leave comments, I’ve a few antispam measures in place to make things difficult for the internet unwanted. People can access the gallery from the frontpage. Hopefully I don’t have too much in the way of bad pictures that may make their way onto the frontpage. So far I like wordpress…

First Post!

Well it was about time – my old website hadn’t been updated since about 2002. So, it was time to move with the times… WordPress as a frontend, and I’m trying to get my media working within one of the proper gallery programs. ;)