I write this from the newest addition to my toy collection – a nice and shiny black 16gb iPhone. It’s a bit weird typing after being used to the little on-screen keyboard of the WM6.1 HTC wizard that was my communications device of choice for the past 2 years… My first impressions are good enough, I like the feel, and the interface. I’ll get back soon with the second impressions.

Toys for Christmas?

It’s that time of the year again when we start looking at gifts for our friends and relatives, and of course for each other! I’m thinking of gifts for myself that have a good chance of satisfying the gadget geek and true techie in me. The iPhone 3g, 16gb, Black The Asus EeePC 1000h 160gb w/Linux also in black. The iPhone looks like a good upgrade for me, as my HTC Wizard with a WM6.1 rom image upgrade, is starting to behave badly. The HTC is losing the SIM card sporadically, losing the connection to the phone network more often, …

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Wasting the court’s time..

Where to start with this one.. It’s a pain in the ass when a private company that is the sole provider to a state-sponsored monopoly fails in its role. Typical example is the NCTS : They appear to be unable to book a test over email, even though they advertise this service on their website. As a result of their failure, I had a day in court, nothing major, just the waste of time for myself, a garda and the judge. To top it all off, the NCTS group seem to be unable to provide simple information like “how long …

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What is it about drivers in this country? People do a ‘test’ that barely checks whether you know which pedal is which, then they get left loose onto the roads. Where they promptly forget all of the rules, recommendations and regulations involved in the act of driving. A case in point: This morning, there was a bit of mist around, maybe 1km of visibility, more for bright lights. Why on earth would some moron put on their foglight in conditions that really don’t merit it, then refusing to switch it off in slow-moving traffic? Very little more aggravating than a …

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Charity cycle

With my shiny new full suspension bike, I took part in the charity cycle that took part yesterday (Sunday 19th) at the Ballyhouras trail centre in aid of the Cancer Care Foundation that is assisting the Mid-West Cancer Centre in the Regional Hospital, Limerick. On the white loop for the first time, and for the first time doing that distance off-road, made it a bit of an epic undertaking. This was the first real endurance event that I’ve undertaken in 2 years, so there had to be a bit of preperation involved. Getting the powergels, energy bars and special drinks …

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New bike.

Last thursday evening I travelled down to Limerick to take a look at a bike that was advertised on IrishDH.com. Giant Reign 2 frame (2005 design with 6″ travel and the Manitou 3-way air shock), with a nice enough list of other components: RockShox recon 335 air forks, Deore brakes, Avid discs, Deore dual release shifters, XT shadow rear mexh, Deore front mech. It was a nice price, and I purchased! Sarah has now got the basis for a fantastic comfortable commuter bike with the Carrera Fury now that she is taking posession of that. I’ll be swapping out the …

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It’s so Irish really to have National Socialists on the committee of the local housing scheme who can’t get their teeny little brains around the fact that duplex-over-apartment terraced buildings in suburbia are not the worlds most family-friendly spots in the world. In fact given that they are generally built to rent to young professional couples or single professionals should be a bit of a giveaway to the demographic that resides there. It’s disheartening to see that some of the committee members have bees in bonnets about the fact that there are ‘Tenants’ (ooh such a dirty word) paying money …

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It’s Saturday, and I’m going to go to town and buy me some toys.. If there’s an iPhone in stock I’ll be taking a good look at it, also thinking of little things like a new usb-key for the keyring, an external small usb harddrive, a nice large flatscreen tv (I wish!) or something else along those lines. It’s bad that I have such a love for gadgets and gadgetry – it’s not exactly the toys themselves, but more what went in to them, and the wizardry involved in the engineering, the design, the manufacture and the aesthetics involved. It’s …

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Monday mornings..

I dislike monday mornings. Getting up at ungodly-hours, driving to be on time to meet the NCT guys to show them my shiny expensive tire and getting my little green/yellow window ornament.. I’m knackered! Finishing at 6pm, and getting a run in if it stops raining. I have to get fitter!


Lots of time in the driving seat.. Galway –> Achill. Achill <–> Erris Head. Achill –> Galway –> Castleknock. Nearly tired of driving! Somewhere around 10 hours of driving between 8pm Friday and midnight Sunday night, as well as doing rescue for the Triathlon that took place on Saturday in Blacksod Bay. I’m a tired bunny. I’ve now got 3 days onsite with a customer in Dublin, for my first Professional Services engagement. Nice opportunity, and I’m learning loads. Staying in the Castleknock Hotel which is nice enough, rooms are pleasant, staff are nice and helpful, and I’m less than …

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