I was on a short break in Edinburgh recently, taking advantage of the fact that Sarah was over there for a conference in Heriot-Watt. I stayed in the King James Thistle hotel on Leigh St.  Great architecture in the town, great summer atmosphere, and strange locals – especially the oilrig electrician that liked to eat anything..

Audi wiper motor :/

Unfortunately my Audi’s wiper motor is having issues and the wipers have a habit of freezing in mid-wipe. Probably due to the water building up in the battery compartment – I’m an idiot for not keeping an eye on this. Time to clean out the drain holes and replace a dodgy motor..


We bought the MR2 from George a month ago, and it’s a lovely car. Red, targa-roofed, and 2.0 of 4 cylinders giving about 160 bhp in a 1 tonne body – gives lots of fun! Also a real looker – you have to like poppy-uppy lights ;) I’ve started ‘sorting’ it, with a few little fixes and tweaks here and there: improving the speakers and the stereo, making the foglight work again (though I have to re-aim it down a little bit), waxing the car a bit to stop the lightening of the paintwork, adding an induction kit for a …

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IRMA proving they are idiots..

http://blog.blacknight.com/irma-threatens-irish-isps.html Yep, lets show our ignorance in technical matters by blanket-bombing FUD-filled letters to entities that cannot perform what they are said to be able to within that letter. Blacknight are not an ISP, so IRMA shouldn’t have sent them a letter…

Gran Canaria – Anniversary!

To celebrate our being together for the past 5 (yes – FIVE) wonderful years, myself and Sarah are temporarily heading to a warmer clime for a few days soon. Puerto Rico, the Gloria Palace Amadores **** and hopefully a little bit of sunshine. Rest and relaxation, a few Mojitos by the pool, a trip to the centre of the island, a visit to Las Palmas, Carrefour, Maspalomas dunes, are all on the plan. I’m really looking forwards to this!

Rant titles

I’ve been accused in the past of having ‘favourite’ rants – so here are a few of the titles of the common ones :) Microsoft and how their business practices make for bad products, making more work for me. Microsoft and how they make it so hard to interoperate with, even with non-core items . Apple and the attempt to control such things as iPhone jailbreaking. My phone, my choice. EULAs and how they are absolutely meaningless. RIAA and *stupid* business methods, and their perversion of justice. MPAA being idiots with filesharing. It’s free advertising you muppets. Attempts to restrict …

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Clutch :(

My car decided to throw its springs out of the Dual Mass Flywheel, making me a poor boy. It’s the first time that the car has let me down, but I can’t complain. The extra torque that the engine delivers coupled with the 143k miles on the clock didn’t help. The car did give me warning that it would go with some squeaking and some strange clanking on under and overrun, and fun sounds at idle. I was overtaking a car and a slow articulated truck when it went *clunk* leaving me to idle down in speed, and gentlpull over …

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New years!

Not the standard new year’s celebrations. Myself and Sarah were up in Achill for the new year, staying Chez Hayes. The rest of the usual crew made it up too, staying in holiday homes at the foot of Sliabh Mór. There was cycling done, up the Deserted village path and back, and from Chez Hayes via Sliabh Mór holiday Homes to Keem Bay. Then a bit of a climb to the coastguard station at the top of the hill to the west, back down and cycling to Keel and Chez Hayes again for a quick coffee. Still looking for more …

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I’m in possession of probably the best little laptop that you can get – after a collaborative effort from my wonderful girlfriend and my parents, for Christmas there was a new toy in my hands. White, 1gb memory (upgraded recently to 2gb for €30), 160gb harddrive, Asus EeePc-1000H, Linux preinstalled. I installed Ubuntu with the eeepc packages, and I installed XP as well (transferring a license from another computer I retired here). It plays most of the games that Ilike – including Q3 and UT, as well as some that I have yet to play like GTA-VC. It has fantastic …

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