Idiot driver – 05 LK 6659

Silver Mondeo hatchback. Try to learn how to use your mirrors on a motorway. Don’t overtake when you don’t have a space to come back into, and you’ve just forced your way back in with oncoming traffic. Also learn the correct time to use a rear foglight. Also don’t be afraid to give a safe gap to the car in front. By the way your rear valence is broken…

Observations on Sweden

The Swedish in Sweden in October are generally a very pleasant people. Terribly law-abiding, no graffiti, no litter, few elderly wandering the streets, no vagrant homeless, some fantastically pretty ladies who were very wrapped up for the miserable sleety non-snowy weather…


For the first time I attended Duibhir’s Samhain party on the 31st of October. Great night, loads of photos in the gallery or at gallery I went as Achmed the dead terrorrist, with my skull face and Jingle Bombs. Great night!

Resurrection of the old newtonian scope as a dob

Back when I was in about first or second year of Secondary school, I sold my Tasco 60mm alt-az telescope and I sank all of my savings at that point and then some into the purchase of a new and shiny telescope. It was manufactured in Scotland by Solis Scientific, and hte ad was placed in Astronomy Now. The primary mirror was 222mm in diameter and 1250mm in focal length, came with 25mm and 18mm eyepeieces and a 2x barlow. The mount was a reasonable pier mounted German equatorial with manual slow motion controls. It got great use for a …

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Hmmm. Turkey, it’s a strange place. In Istanbul at the moment, and believe it or not it’s raining! I’ve had interesting interactions with locals from the best of human nature to the most scrounging little-minded people that you can imagine. One friend here had a mislaid phone returned with a smile – that was lovely to see. On the other hand I was walking along the street last night as a shoeshiner ran past, dropping his brush from his tray. I stopped him and returned his brush, he then proceeded to clean my sandals then tried to charge me 30 …

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Galway 8k

Well that was interesting! I’ve just completed the Galway 8k “Streets of Galway” run today – with absolutely no running training (silly me) and feeling a bit crap after a week of broken sleep and a crap headcold, I managed to finish it in (I think) less than 50 minutes. It’s weird to be running out of knees instead of running out of lungs as I have done throughout my childhood.. Great weather for it – not too cold, not too warm, and dry. 2500 people entered, and I have to thank the Attachmate/NetIQ Sports/Social for the entry – I …

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My thoughts on how to reduce road accidents in Ireland.

We really need a properly structured driving school setup with trained instructors, competent and consistent testers possibly with video review of the test, and having to spend enough time and money to actually go through the testing process that those that make it through realise that driving is not a right but something earned with a lot of responsibility. Recertification should be a requirement each decade to get a license renewal. The more time and money it costs to get driving, the more people will see it as something that carries a great deal of responsibility and should drive with …

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Endeavour, and ISS

There’s something awe-inspiring about seeing the fruits of mankind’s endeavours, there are some times when it’s all brought home just how far we as a species have come. To see tonight, the space shuttle Endeavour and it’s just-jettisonned fuel tank pass high to the south, about mag -6 and -5 in brightness, and really moving quickly across the sky – it’s almost religious. Florida to Ireland in 19 minutes – that’s a good time. I wonder if the lads in Shannon ATC had flights on hold in case the shuttle needed to abort?