RGB, time to get on that bandwagon!

It would appear that the motherboard I’m getting (Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming) has an onboard RGB controller as one of the options built on. There’s two 4-pin RGB headers, and two 3-pin addressable headers. A quick look around the Alibaba showrooms, suggests there’s a reasonably large amount of products that are supported by the Asus Aura RGB ecosystem – the motherboard light accents, the tops of the Corsair Vengeance RAM modules, even the AMD-supplied fan on the Wraith Prism CPU cooler is RGB.. I’m fairly sure that I’ll set things to be temperature-controlled if I can. Gentle purple for …

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Behemoth update incoming..

I built myself a PC in 2011, and it’s finally due a major update/refresh. It’ll still be a bit of a behemoth.. The 2011 build was a hex-core Intel i7-3930k watercooled with a Corsair H100, 16Gb DDR3, with originally a Radeon 5770, with an Intel i520 SSD and 4x 1Tb harddrives for a Raid 10, all sitting on an Asus P9X79-Pro motherboard. A pretty decent spec of a machine, and a very good performer especially when overclocked. Over the past 9 years I updated the graphics first to a GTX660 in 2012 and recently to an RTX2080. The CPU was …

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Coronavirus? My thoughts..

So Covid-19 had reared it’s little coronated head on the Island of Ireland. And the country is ill-prepared for the probability of what’s going to happen. Here’s a middle of the road scenario based on the current data available. Cases appear to be doubling every ~6 days. 15% or so need hospital care, and about 5% of those needs ICU-level care. Deaths are averaging at about 3.5% at the moment. Given there’s about 22 cases in Ireland (excluding the North for this one), we can expect the following: March 9th; 22 cases, March 15th; 44 cases, March 21st; 88 cases …

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How to do speed cameras correctly.

We are often told that speed cameras are a tool to improve road safety. However, the method of implementation does not fit that requirement. To do speed cameras correctly and use them as a tool to improve road safety, there are a few prerequisites. The locations that are high-risk need to be correctly identified, ideally to within a 50m stretch of road. This would allow camera monitoring to happen at very specific areas that are known to be accident blackspots. This does not refer to 20km lengths of road – as currently used for criteria of camera location selection. The …

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Daylight savings – some thoughts.

One of the definitions of timezone being correct for a location, is that the average Sun is due south at local noon on the clock. This means that there’s about the same length of time from sunrise to 12:00, as there is the length of time between 12:00 and sunset. In historical times, the local church would ring the bells based on the local time, such that at 12:00 the Sun would due south. Of course, due to different places being at different longitudes, the Sun would be due south at different absolute times. There’s 4 minutes difference for each …

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Zurich is lovely.

I hear Zurich is lovely this time of the year.. Also it’s apparently a lovely drive from Ireland via ferry to Fishguard and using the Eurotunnel onwards to the continent. I also hear that parking is fun in that city.. More to follow depending on updates.

Boeing proxy fails the sniff test..

Read this link first – https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/09/14000-words-of-blame-the-pilots-that-whitewash-boeing-of-737-max-failure.html It’s a sane critique of a recent NY Times article that appears to be from Boeing PR by proxy: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/18/magazine/boeing-737-max-crashes.html . To be honest, I would have expected better from the likes of the New York Times. And Boeing wonder why the European flight authorities will not be certifying the 737 MAX until the Europeans have tested and certified under European testing – any FAA certification understandably won’t be transferred given the debacle.

Flightradar rankings

A few weeks ago, I set up an ADS-B listener, started uploading to FlightRadar24 with the ID T-EINN18 , and I’ve watched my ranking go up and up.. As of this morning (August 20th I have the 43rd highest ranking of 130 in Ireland, 3rd highest Shannon uploader, and worldwide ranking of 6204 of 23,000, and going up by ~2000 positions a day at the moment. I’m using a RaspberriPi 2b, an RTL-SDR dongle, and RTL-SDR 22dB LNA, and the antenna is a self-built colinear coaxial cable antenna with 8 116mm segments taped to the inside of an upstairs window. …

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