Daily Driver:

The current daily driver is a beautiful Audi Q7 3.0 TDi S-Line Sport. Mugello Blue pearl paint, 20″ standard 5-spoke S-Line alloys, and the facelifted rear LED lights.

This car has a few additions over the standard S-Line options – it comes with the panoramic roof, powered rear hatch, Bi-Xenon lights, Audi satnav (with 2016 maps), full reverse sensors, heated and fully electric seats, alcantara seat inserts. It’s so so comfortable with the air suspension and tiptronic gearbox, auto lights, auto wipers, auto dim mirror. The 7 seats is something that I may not use that often but the bootspace is fantastic. Paddles or my Jed fit in the boot without reaching the back seats, and I can fit the Zet Director inside the cabin area and still have room for a Jed and two passengers.

Plans for this? Fix the one or two tiny things I’ve spotted, change the front parks and indicators to LEDs, change the tyres to proper all-weathers, remap to ~280bhp. It’s a monster to accelerate as is in Sport mode, but it may be nice with the extra mpg that the remaps give..

Previous Daily Driver:

Previous to the Q7 was anĀ Audi A4 avant 1.9tdi, atlas grey, with a nice remap to ~140 bhp. Unfortunately the turbo and headgasket gave up on June 28th, and the engine decided to try and runaway. With 350,000 km on the clock, it wasn’t really economically feasible to replace the engine. Plus it was ten years since fun and games for me so no harm to move onwards anyway. This car was stripped, scrapped and cubed last week, so no doubt I’l lbe holding bits of it in my hands later this year in a can of Coke or similar..

The weekend car:

The weekend car was a 1991 Toyota MR2 Targa, 2.0 NA engine. Toyota red, with Racing Sparco PythonII 17″ wheels but otherwise completely original. This was sold onwards in late 2017, as the maintenance cost and rust repairs required to pass NCT were significantly more than the car was worth. Still, it was a nice toy while it was in my possession, and I’ve got some good memories. Cost per mile was high enough, but cost per smile was worth it.

Future cars!

If I see a good-nick Mercedes-Benz E 300TD estate, with the straight-6 diesel engine and auto box, I’ll be very tempted to gett it as a project car, with a larger turbo and a fuel pump fixed by the Finns for a nice 350bhp sleeper..

Lotto winning garage..

  • Audi SQ7 or Bentley Bentayga
  • C8 RS6 with MTM work
  • Early E36 M3 convertible.
  • HSV R8 with TSW engine work.
  • Skyline R34 GTR
  • Supra Mk3
  • 1979 450SEL 6.9
  • RangeRover classic v8 with the Overfinch treatment.
  • Caterham R300 track toy.