What is it about drivers in this country? People do a ‘test’ that barely checks whether you know which pedal is which, then they get left loose onto the roads. Where they promptly forget all of the rules, recommendations and regulations involved in the act of driving.

A case in point: This morning, there was a bit of mist around, maybe 1km of visibility, more for bright lights. Why on earth would some moron put on their foglight in conditions that really don’t merit it, then refusing to switch it off in slow-moving traffic? Very little more aggravating than a car 3 metres from your bonnet with a pair of high-contrast red lights shining straight back at you because he thinks this make it safer for him to travel.

If you can see the body of the car behind you, you no longer need your rear foglight to be on. If you can count the teeth of the driver behind you, you definitely don’t need it on. If you are the last in a queue of traffic driving in real fog, then you certainly should have the rear foglight on…