Ebay feedback back to 100%!

At last after that disastrous ebay transaction involving that deceptive unhelpful idiot (hid4u) that failed to complete their end of a transaction jsut over a year ago, I am back up to my usual 100% feedback.

The failed transaction was for a set of HID bulbs for my car. The seller advertised them for $35, with $60 shipping and $5 insurance. However, they had contacted me privatly looking for another $30 to ship them. This wasn’t part of the finalised transaction that they were bound to by the Ebay TOS so I complained them, to be given retaliatory negative feedback and a lot of hassle. Paypal refunded my payment, and all was sorted out – the seller went to great lengths to try to get me to remove the negative but seeing as he wouldn’t ship as per the original agreed sale, I said pretty much ‘screw that’.

His negative feedback is visible to all, and the story really reads bad for him. Now, 12 months later I got better bulbs from a better seller who deserved my money!

hids4u, you can go and screw yourself for your poor site setup, and your agressive aftersales lack of service.