Oops – where did that rock come from?

Or in other news, in the recent face-off between the WellGo replica V12 pedals vs FSA Alpha Drive cranks, the cranks came out worse, bending and deforming. However both components just couldn’t overcome the might of a foot-cubed sized rock of a trail anchor on one of the last sections of the BallyHoura brown trail.

Yes I had a bit of an ‘off’, with some damage to the bike, and a bit of damage to myself too..

I was pelting down the section between the last boardwalk and the bridge in middle 7 or so, and I clipped the left pedal on a large rock on the left while trying to throw weight through a little s-bend. the bike went airborne, and I stopped heavily against the right-hand bank. The crank is bent and the pedal threads are deformed. It looks like that the pedal is okay though. I made shite of the helmet as well!

As for me, I’ve bruising in lots of places. Nothing broken (I think anyway), just a bit of sensitivity around the head, shoulder, forearm, hips, knees, neck and some scratches on my nose from the glasses! (I actually had a decent concussion, and spent the night in the waiting room in Galway Regional before taking my GP’s letter and heading to the Galway Clinic instead..)

I’ll have some damage (bike) photos soon enough.

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