Good bye appendix!

So, I got some abdominal pain like trapped wind on Thursday evening. No elevated temperature, just discomfort. I went to my bed to give my but a chance to stabilise. It didn’t improve, and the pain got worse, so I drove myself to A&E at 2am..

The rest of that night was spent on a trolley in the new emergency department in the Regional. Interestingly, the emergency department was not that busy, for 2am on a weekend night! The usual suspects must have been taking it easy on the drunken shenanigans.. The receptionist was quite amused when I was able to give my hospital case number instead of my name, which I remember given how much time I’ve spent there a decade ago. At least this time I had vhi coverage for the experience! I got seen to by the doc on call reasonably quickly, and I got plenty of pain meds as I was reaching a solid 9 out of ten on the pain scale.

At 10am after some fitful napping on the trolleyI was on the operating table when they went in via keyhole surgery to investigate, as it was not obvious that it was the appendix that was the problem. Turns out it was actually badly infected and not far from exploding.. Thankfully it was not ruptured. Recovery for the afternoon was helped by the delivery of a cute Teddy bear by Lily, to give me some company for the night!

I am back home now, and a 36 hour turnaround is not bad for an appendectomy! Plenty of painkillers prescribed, and they are the good ones, and they are much needed.. The incisions are definitely not the most comfortable, to be expected with my core muscle density.

Two weeks of enforced rest ahead, lucky I had the vacation already booked..

Overall, as good an experience as I could have expected under the circumstances. Will be interesting to see if I get any speeding tickets from the journey over to the hospital!

Only my third hospital overnight ever, really low given the old medical history.

Thanks are given to the hospital staff for making my stay very comfortable and safe. Highly recommend UHL as a place to go..