Problems and solutions?

Personally, my attendance of the wedding triggered some unfortunate actions and statements from a few small-minded people that have such personal prejudices and terrible small-mindedness that they were willing to invent situations that didn’t exist, and self-persuade that their world-view was so right, even to the point that their stupidity and downright idiocy that could have caused so much hurt and division. However, the people that could have been hurt again, were all adults about the situation, and the hurtful behaviour was put down to it being the result of small-minded and emotionally stunted people, that could have known better yet chose to act the ways that they did.

It’s absolutely fantastic though to be no longer having someone attempt to control me in such a hurtful and damaging manner. It’s a pity that the resolution to that issue had to take the course that it did, as the others involved  have neither the emotional maturity nor the capability to understand what is going on, and the means that they will have to sort out their own problems individually and hopefully gain the mental tools to be able to grow up and play nice with the rest of the adults, before the overall situation resolves itself. They will have to be ready to admit for once that maybe they were at fault, and that there may be  a need for an apology to not only myself but to a lot of the other people involved. But that would be the mark of adult behaviour, of people that have matured emotionally, and  that can interact with other people without displaying such anger and naked agression as they have in the recent past.

As with a lot of things, it takes an admission that there’s a problem before the problem can be resolved, and they are too misguidedly proud and too arrogant to admit that there is a  problem that might lie with them. In an ideal world, they would self-analyse, and see that their behaviour was in fact both insulting and inappropriate, and that there is a need to apologise for that behaviour. That would be a good start. Then I’d like to see them seek help for the unresolved issues that they have, that are getting in the way of their lives. Then after that, they should have the nous to realise what is next needed to make restitution with those that they have deeply hurt and angered unnecessarily. Once that step is taken, then they can start to rebuild the relationships that their previous attitudes and behaviours had shattered.

Stolen – Giant Reign

My Giant Reign was stolen from Castletroy on Monday the 17th of May.

It’s a metallic green Giant Reign, with RockShox Recon 335 front forks, and a Specialized V-groove saddle. The bike has sentimental value apart from the actual cost to me to replace it.

If anyone sees this bike either in use or for sale please get in contact with the Gardai in Henry Street, or contact me directly by phone or text on zero eight seven, six four three eight seven two five.

There’s a decent cash reward for information leading to the safe return of this bike.

Idiot driver – 05 LK 6659

Silver Mondeo hatchback. Try to learn how to use your mirrors on a motorway. Don’t overtake when you don’t have a space to come back into, and you’ve just forced your way back in with oncoming traffic. Also learn the correct time to use a rear foglight. Also don’t be afraid to give a safe gap to the car in front. By the way your rear valence is broken…

IRMA proving they are idiots..

Yep, lets show our ignorance in technical matters by blanket-bombing FUD-filled letters to entities that cannot perform what they are said to be able to within that letter. Blacknight are not an ISP, so IRMA shouldn’t have sent them a letter…

Rant titles

I’ve been accused in the past of having ‘favourite’ rants – so here are a few of the titles of the common ones :)

  • Microsoft and how their business practices make for bad products, making more work for me.
  • Microsoft and how they make it so hard to interoperate with, even with non-core items .
  • Apple and the attempt to control such things as iPhone jailbreaking. My phone, my choice.
  • EULAs and how they are absolutely meaningless.
  • RIAA and *stupid* business methods, and their perversion of justice.
  • MPAA being idiots with filesharing. It’s free advertising you muppets.
  • Attempts to restrict free access to the Net – see Eircom rolling over for IRMA.
  • Fianna Fáil and their continuing to drive this country into the ground (again), taking a lot of value with them. Get out of the way and stop being part of the problem!
  • Road cameras in private hands – <sarcasm>Yep, this will make the roads safer <\sarcasm>. Be more precise about the blackspots..
  • The state of the roads in the country, you’d swear we haven’t had a cent to put towards infrastructure recently (see previous rant about Fianna Fáil)
  • The overuse of txtspk or IRC abbreviations in out-of-context situations e.g. web forums.

There are a few essays’ worth of stuff there, for another time perhaps..

Wasting the court’s time..

Where to start with this one..

It’s a pain in the ass when a private company that is the sole provider to a state-sponsored monopoly fails in its role. Typical example is the NCTS : They appear to be unable to book a test over email, even though they advertise this service on their website. As a result of their failure, I had a day in court, nothing major, just the waste of time for myself, a garda and the judge.

To top it all off, the NCTS group seem to be unable to provide simple information like “how long did it take to get a booking in this particular centre on this particular date if you used the online (non-email) booking system”! I really do hope that this crowd of incompetents lose the contract to stiff us all of our money and time next year when the contract is reviewed. At least the current review puts them in 2 out of 3 bidders for the contract!


What is it about drivers in this country? People do a ‘test’ that barely checks whether you know which pedal is which, then they get left loose onto the roads. Where they promptly forget all of the rules, recommendations and regulations involved in the act of driving.

A case in point: This morning, there was a bit of mist around, maybe 1km of visibility, more for bright lights. Why on earth would some moron put on their foglight in conditions that really don’t merit it, then refusing to switch it off in slow-moving traffic? Very little more aggravating than a car 3 metres from your bonnet with a pair of high-contrast red lights shining straight back at you because he thinks this make it safer for him to travel.

If you can see the body of the car behind you, you no longer need your rear foglight to be on. If you can count the teeth of the driver behind you, you definitely don’t need it on. If you are the last in a queue of traffic driving in real fog, then you certainly should have the rear foglight on…