Rant titles

I’ve been accused in the past of having ‘favourite’ rants – so here are a few of the titles of the common ones :)

  • Microsoft and how their business practices make for bad products, making more work for me.
  • Microsoft and how they make it so hard to interoperate with, even with non-core items .
  • Apple and the attempt to control such things as iPhone jailbreaking. My phone, my choice.
  • EULAs and how they are absolutely meaningless.
  • RIAA and *stupid* business methods, and their perversion of justice.
  • MPAA being idiots with filesharing. It’s free advertising you muppets.
  • Attempts to restrict free access to the Net – see Eircom rolling over for IRMA.
  • Fianna Fáil and their continuing to drive this country into the ground (again), taking a lot of value with them. Get out of the way and stop being part of the problem!
  • Road cameras in private hands – <sarcasm>Yep, this will make the roads safer <\sarcasm>. Be more precise about the blackspots..
  • The state of the roads in the country, you’d swear we haven’t had a cent to put towards infrastructure recently (see previous rant about Fianna Fáil)
  • The overuse of txtspk or IRC abbreviations in out-of-context situations e.g. web forums.

There are a few essays’ worth of stuff there, for another time perhaps..

Clutch :(

My car decided to throw its springs out of the Dual Mass Flywheel, making me a poor boy.

It’s the first time that the car has let me down, but I can’t complain. The extra torque that the engine delivers coupled with the 143k miles on the clock didn’t help. The car did give me warning that it would go with some squeaking and some strange clanking on under and overrun, and fun sounds at idle.

I was overtaking a car and a slow articulated truck when it went *clunk* leaving me to idle down in speed, and gentlpull over at the Ballydine bar between Ennis and Crusheen. I got recovered with my comprehensive insurance to the house in Galway, and Dave with Mike’s trailer was really nice and brought my car to Bansha where it was fixed.. €1000 lighter, I’m happy to havethe car back.

Now to investigate that little clunk from front right…

New years!

Not the standard new year’s celebrations. Myself and Sarah were up in Achill for the new year, staying Chez Hayes. The rest of the usual crew made it up too, staying in holiday homes at the foot of Sliabh Mór.

There was cycling done, up the Deserted village path and back, and from Chez Hayes via Sliabh Mór holiday Homes to Keem Bay. Then a bit of a climb to the coastguard station at the top of the hill to the west, back down and cycling to Keel and Chez Hayes again for a quick coffee. Still looking for more punishment, it was up to the deserted vilalge and up to the top of that track and back again. Legs were not happy, the body was though..

A day off and rest followed.

A hike was suggested by DaveBrady, to start at the deserted village and climb to Croaghaun, at the western end of the island. The Trooper dropped us off at the bog road, and we trekked across frozen bog along the spine of the island, and heading for the large seacliffs. The air temp was about -5, and the winds were 40+ km/h.. from the east! Ready to blow us over hte 600m high cliffs if we weren’t careful. Most of the party turned back at the cloudbase, as those wearing jeans weren’t dealing well with the cold at all. That left myself, John and DaveT to yomp up the last little bit, through the screaming cloiuds to reach the top in good form. We caught back up to the others, though DaveBrady and wench were on a time pressure, so they headed off ahead. I learned the advantage of the Quechua trekking pants over a helly-hansen thermal layer but thermal underpants are the way of the future in the future..


I’m in possession of probably the best little laptop that you can get – after a collaborative effort from my wonderful girlfriend and my parents, for Christmas there was a new toy in my hands.

White, 1gb memory (upgraded recently to 2gb for €30), 160gb harddrive, Asus EeePc-1000H, Linux preinstalled. I installed Ubuntu with the eeepc packages, and I installed XP as well (transferring a license from another computer I retired here). It plays most of the games that Ilike – including Q3 and UT, as well as some that I have yet to play like GTA-VC. It has fantastic battery life of well over 5 hours of good use, and I have a lot of TV shows to play on it as well – it’s perfect for a frequent traveller!


Hmm. It’s been a while..

Concussion? I spent 14 hours waiting to be seen by the A&E in Galway Regional. Never again! They couldn’t even tell me at 7.30am after my presenting at 18.00 the previous evening, whether I was going to be seen at all – just told ‘keep waiting’. Well with a headache and a swimmingly sense of consciousness, I decided to buy some proper medical care as the standard emergency medical care system failed me. Pfft. At least the Galway Clinic were professional about it, for 40% more cost and a saving in time and effort..

Mary Harney – I’m pointing out your incompetency here.. Get your act together, or step aside and leave someone that can do the job, do it.

Ebay feedback back to 100%!

At last after that disastrous ebay transaction involving that deceptive unhelpful idiot (hid4u) that failed to complete their end of a transaction jsut over a year ago, I am back up to my usual 100% feedback.

The failed transaction was for a set of HID bulbs for my car. The seller advertised them for $35, with $60 shipping and $5 insurance. However, they had contacted me privatly looking for another $30 to ship them. This wasn’t part of the finalised transaction that they were bound to by the Ebay TOS so I complained them, to be given retaliatory negative feedback and a lot of hassle. Paypal refunded my payment, and all was sorted out – the seller went to great lengths to try to get me to remove the negative but seeing as he wouldn’t ship as per the original agreed sale, I said pretty much ‘screw that’.

His negative feedback is visible to all, and the story really reads bad for him. Now, 12 months later I got better bulbs from a better seller who deserved my money!

hids4u, you can go and screw yourself for your poor site setup, and your agressive aftersales lack of service.


I write this from the newest addition to my toy collection – a nice and shiny black 16gb iPhone. It’s a bit weird typing after being used to the little on-screen keyboard of the WM6.1 HTC wizard that was my communications device of choice for the past 2 years…
My first impressions are good enough, I like the feel, and the interface. I’ll get back soon with the second impressions.

Toys for Christmas?

It’s that time of the year again when we start looking at gifts for our friends and relatives, and of course for each other!

I’m thinking of gifts for myself that have a good chance of satisfying the gadget geek and true techie in me.

  • The iPhone 3g, 16gb, Black
  • The Asus EeePC 1000h 160gb w/Linux also in black.

The iPhone looks like a good upgrade for me, as my HTC Wizard with a WM6.1 rom image upgrade, is starting to behave badly. The HTC is losing the SIM card sporadically, losing the connection to the phone network more often, and up to 3 times per text message it white-screens and requires a quick double-press of the power button. It’s still a fantastic PDA but I think that it’s time as my primary phone is soon to come to an end to be replaced by the shininess that is the iPhone. This would be my first iPod as well as my first Apple product. I have enough music that I could use a good mobile player, and I have to say I do like the UI on the phone. I am also fascinated by the nerd possibilities of a jailbreak and openssh server on it, and being able to access all of the files on it for backup or replacement.

The EeePC now, for about €350 via laptops direct, gets me a light sub-notebook that does everything that I am looking for in a laptop. The plan is for viewing of tv shows that I obtained, watching the odd film if I’m travelling for work, communicating with people using the inbuilt webcam and mic via Skype or similar, working on various documents for work when out of the office, doing some online studying for some professional qualifications that I have planned, and for some simple game playing. I have already tested out Quake3 on one owned by Florian at work and it gets a respectable 50FPS timedemo of ‘Four’ with all the shiny switched on. Playing normally gives 80-90fps. I have a lot of games that are Q3 engine derivatives and I would like to play them! Adding in to the mix the fact that the battery runtime is so good, I have to see this upgrade over the Dell Inspiron 4100 that I got upon my graduation as a really good thing!

Wasting the court’s time..

Where to start with this one..

It’s a pain in the ass when a private company that is the sole provider to a state-sponsored monopoly fails in its role. Typical example is the NCTS : They appear to be unable to book a test over email, even though they advertise this service on their website. As a result of their failure, I had a day in court, nothing major, just the waste of time for myself, a garda and the judge.

To top it all off, the NCTS group seem to be unable to provide simple information like “how long did it take to get a booking in this particular centre on this particular date if you used the online (non-email) booking system”! I really do hope that this crowd of incompetents lose the contract to stiff us all of our money and time next year when the contract is reviewed. At least the current review puts them in 2 out of 3 bidders for the contract!