Endeavour, and ISS

There’s something awe-inspiring about seeing the fruits of mankind’s endeavours, there are some times when it’s all brought home just how far we as a species have come.
To see tonight, the space shuttle Endeavour and it’s just-jettisonned fuel tank pass high to the south, about mag -6 and -5 in brightness, and really moving quickly across the sky – it’s almost religious.
Florida to Ireland in 19 minutes – that’s a good time. I wonder if the lads in Shannon ATC had flights on hold in case the shuttle needed to abort?

The Rules of Beer

* Beware of little bald wizened smiling old men
* Beer is food
* Premium isn’t
* It is ALWAYS beer time
* It is always a good plan
* Beer is a credit card for pain
* Tomorrow is far away
* It’s not taste that counts, but side effects
* There is no such thing as “One”
* Beer will fix it (temporarily!)

(all credits go to Daren and Mel for their brilliance)

Holiday planning?

Upcoming fun and holidays – depending on the availability of holidays at work.

Verdon gorge for a weekend and a day or 2.

Wales for a bit of MTB with Mullins and gang.

Then there’s Istanbul with Sarah.

What happened to our summer?

I miss the warm dry weather for the past few weeks! We have rain, but not enough to be useful. This rain just dampens everything, spirits, moods, appetites, and the ground that we can cycle on. And the humidity! You move and a sheen of sweat appears! And without the heat that would dry it all out…
Well what can we expect really. At least most of the farmers got a bit of hay and silage in, and the ground is still hard enough to harvest a few early crops. It’s great blight weather though!

Summertime, and updates.

It’s offically the summertime, just past the solstice. Long days, hay being cut, sunny weather, and t-shirts. Girls with skimpy clothing. Light outside at 10pm. Nontilucent clouds once it gets past civil twilight, and a fantastic recent display of them.


I was on a short break in Edinburgh recently, taking advantage of the fact that Sarah was over there for a conference in Heriot-Watt. I stayed in the King James Thistle hotel on Leigh St.  Great architecture in the town, great summer atmosphere, and strange locals – especially the oilrig electrician that liked to eat anything..

Audi wiper motor :/

Unfortunately my Audi’s wiper motor is having issues and the wipers have a habit of freezing in mid-wipe. Probably due to the water building up in the battery compartment – I’m an idiot for not keeping an eye on this. Time to clean out the drain holes and replace a dodgy motor..


We bought the MR2 from George a month ago, and it’s a lovely car. Red, targa-roofed, and 2.0 of 4 cylinders giving about 160 bhp in a 1 tonne body – gives lots of fun! Also a real looker – you have to like poppy-uppy lights ;)

I’ve started ‘sorting’ it, with a few little fixes and tweaks here and there:

  • improving the speakers and the stereo,
  • making the foglight work again (though I have to re-aim it down a little bit),
  • waxing the car a bit to stop the lightening of the paintwork,
  • adding an induction kit for a bit of extra noise under acceleration,
  • Fixing the aerial allowing it to go up and down again!
  • Brighter white LED park lights

Future ideas:

  • Quad light conversion with 4300k HID dip setup and decent halogen fulls,
  • 3000k HID foglights,
  • 50% tint allround,
  • Bright red under-car neons ;)

There’s a timing belt due in a few thousand miles, and I’m considering some engine work while the block is out for the belt/tensioner and water pump replacement. Possibly some valvespring replacements to allow higher revs, maybe a higher lift and longer duration pair of camshafts, and maybe even some forged higher-compression pistons for a bit more power. Maybe even adding in a tuned tubular manifold and a proper quiet tuned exhaust. A stroker kit would be a bit too much though, as would a piggyback ECU. That’s just too pricey.

All in all, it’ll be kept pretty much stock, as the cost of doing things will be too much. It’s a future classic and I hope I’ll be having fun in it as a driver and a passenger for some time to come.

IRMA proving they are idiots..


Yep, lets show our ignorance in technical matters by blanket-bombing FUD-filled letters to entities that cannot perform what they are said to be able to within that letter. Blacknight are not an ISP, so IRMA shouldn’t have sent them a letter…