Fun in Bikepark Ireland

I was recently out in Bike Park Ireland and had a great day out there. John came along for his first time there, and he brought his ’07 Specialised Enduro and I brought my Santa Cruz V10 dh bike. It was definitely far too early for me to be getting up at that hour of the morning after finishing work at something like 4am, so I was definitely slower than I’d like to be but John was definitely getting up to speed as the day went on.

Definitely a good day. Somewhere about 20 runs in total, mostly on the Red, but a few Black 2 runs to spice it up were taken as well. David was supposed to come along as well but he had farming duties to attend to – pity as he missed a great day’s biking. Here’s a clip of one of our runs on the Red:
My chasing John

At the end of the day I found a little bit of a wobble in the rear of the V10, so I dropped it into Rory at RAW for a bearing replacement and general fixup, and it’s about as good as new now, nice and taut and ready for more abuse!

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