More toys.. A Wii has been added to my collection

Yes, I’ve sourced a Nintendo Wii!
I was doing a little tidying up of some stuff in the house, and I came across an old external harddrive. Looking at the contents I realised that I had backed up the games that were there when a Wii used to be under the television. I remembered fondly some of the games, and after some checking on I found a decent set of a Wii and accessories and a nice games collection for a decently low price.
So I picked it up yesterday evening, and immediately proceeded to set about softmodding and adding the Homebrew Channel. It is good to be able to execute code on this device that Nintendo have not blessed! Especially since Nintendo stopped providing the Connect24 framework that provided the news and weather channel content, keeping that exclusive to the Wii-U.
The console, though nearly 9 years old, fits nicely beside the amp, and I have it upscaling through the AV amp onto the HD tv. Good picture, and I have been able to play my backups on the new Wii as well.
The next steps are to get MAME working with the 30Gb Google library of arcade roms that I have on my server.. That could lead to some very interesting gaming experiences!

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