Project: Lighten the Reign X1 a little bit..

After the biking in Wicklow when I was having a little trouble dragging that bike uphill, I’ve begun a project to lighten the Reign X a little bit, without lightening my wallet too much.

So I’ve upgraded from a coil DHX 3.0 to a secondhand DHX 5.0 air shock that came from the UK, and that lightened the bike by a fair chunk of a kilo, as well as giving me more tweaking possibilities with the setup, and I like my tweaking!

Tyres – I’ve swapped out the 2.5″ DHF/DHR supertacky combination and put back on the 2.25″ ADvantage 60a XC tyres back and front with XC tubes instead of the DH tubes I had in there. It’ll slip a little bit more when riding, but that takes more than another kg or so off the bike and improves the up and across characteristics. Definitely a fair bit faster than with the DH tyres!

The brakes were good but I wanted to upgrade to finned brakes after my experience with the Zees on the V10 in France last summer. A set BNIB of SLX brakes came available, and they went on to the bike with the finned metallic pads. Great feel, servo-wave on the levers and they feel pretty good.

The drivetrain had started slipping and getting a lot harder to change gears recently, so I’ve bit the bullet and swapped all the worn bits out. Given the replacement of the bits like-for-like isn’t that much cheaper than going to singlering front with an extrawide 10-speed range on the rear, so this is the plan. Bits are ordered, and it’ll get done next week at some stage. The 17T goes away, and a 4oT goes in at the top, so it’s about the same range as the top end drivetrains.

  • 40T Hope extender cog.
  • SLX 10-speed clutch mech.
  • SLX 10-speed shifter.
  • 32T front narrow-wide ring
  • XT 11-36 cassette
  • Deore 10 speed chain

Surprisingly much better feel for the changing of gears! Well, 6 years of wear will have its effects. Gone from SRAM/Hayes drivetrain to full SLX and I’m happy with the result. Overall, the bike is now 16.3 kg down from the ~20kg it was and it feels nice to cycle around.

Only options left to lighten things are to go to air forks and a super-light wheelset and I’m not really willing to spend that on the bike.

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