Some bike maintenance work, and a shiny new XC helmet

After my little ground collision at speed in Wicklow before Christmas, I decided I had to retire the helmet that I was wearing on that trip. CRC were doing clearance sales on a few bits, and included was a Cratoni Terrox helmet at 70% off. I wanted a helmet that I could use with my goggles and this looked as though it should work okay with them. Opening the box I saw that the helmet has a carbon fibre frame, a range of foam inserts to velcro on for fine tuning the fit, and there’s a net insert to prevent bugs and crap getting to your head. The fit is pretty good, the ratchet adjustment is perfect for me thankfully. Plus I can fit my goggles around the helmet without too much hassle and they are held by a little notch at the back. A very shiny helmet for sure. Would I have paid full retail? Hell no, but it’s better than what I was going to get at the price I wanted to pay. CE certified as well.

I got a new goggles insert as the shiny one I was using got badly scratched on the floor of the Sprinter heading over to Chatel last summer and my vision was being impaired by the gouges inside and outside directly in my field of vision. I got the double-skinned and vented persimmon visor. Appears to work well enough when I was wearing it around the house and in the back yard today. Tearoffs are on the way to minimise the chance of getting the visor gouged again.

There was also a set of finned SLX metal pads to install on the Reign, and they went in with ease. Got to love Shimano brake systems for that!

I also shortened the rear Zee brake hose on the V10, and both brake hoses on the Reign so there should be a lot less flapping at the front of the cockpit now.

All in all, a good hour or two sorting things out that I wanted to get sorted.
Now to actually go ride the damned thing :D

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