March, wow the year is flying by so far.

Been a fairly fun-filled and busy time these past few weeks.. Lost of things have been really cool for me.

Kayak stuff; My helping with the organisation of the kayak Intervarsities took a fair amount of time, the competing in that was absolutely brilliant and the victory was icing on that cake. Then becoming webmin for the Kayak Club’s new committee – leading to the revamp of the ULKC forums and a rebuild of the ULKC webpage making it plug into Twitter and the new ULKC “Like” page on FB – means I have a little bit of outside work to manage along with everything else. Hopefully my writeup for the “Paddy McHugh Fresher of the Year” submission will have made the shortlist, and then hopefully it’ll be a winner for the candidate we have in mind.. Also the pool sessions are good this year. Getting to bowstall the Jed, learning the mechanics of the frontloop, rolling differently and polishing up old techniques. Teaching the new students in the club is a lot of fun, it’s fantastic to meet these new people and getting them up to speed. I love the enthusiasm there in the American girls that have come over this semester, always brilliant to see.

Mountain bike stuff. I’ve gotten back on the Reign and getting my bike legs back slowly but surely, with a few trips around the White in Ballyh as well as a fun Sunday’s spin in Curraghchase. I’ve decided to get a few items for my upcoming trip to GC with the purchase of a set of body armour that I can also use kayaking. Those pieces will arrive next week, with Oakley goggles, elbow pads, knee/shin pads and a spine protector as well. In preparation for the summer’s trip with MBUL, I’ve also included a set of full-on DH tyres to make that a bit more accessible to go full-on down the Les Gets runs. Next on the list, next month is a new front spring to behave better with my weight, instead of the 150lb spring that’s currently in there.

Car wise, the Audi is due for NCT shortly, we’ll see how that goes. At least it is behaving itself now :D The MR2 is behaving itself as wel, if a little low on electricity at the moment ;)

Astronomically, the weather hasn’t been that good recently, and the clear nights have coincided with long nights at work. Still getting snatches of good views with the small scopes but I’ve not had a long viewing session in a while, and I don’t see that changing until I get to the Canaries.

College? I’ve paid up my fees for this year, and I pick up my ID card on Monday. Time to get cracking properly on the writing :(

The new gels in addition to the usual jab has made a huge difference to me, fortnightly stability is a novelty now, and I really appreciate being level in the levels again :D

Waiting on confirmation of the dates for the ULKC kayak trip to Slovenia and Italy in the summer. Hopefully the dates will work out okay with work and I won’t have to take more than 2 weeks off to go and do this trip. Really looking forwards to getting to Alpine waters again, and with the current crew in the club it’ll be in great company with a lot of craic, all hopefully making it an experience to remember for all the right reasons.

There have been some brilliant nights out recently as well, with the Friday evenings after work when I get to the tail end of TGIF in the stables. Great atmosphere, and loads of beautiful people around. Lots of friends being made just from being around that place – it’s magnificent. And as for the celebrations night for the kayaking IV win – Epic. Simply epic. It’s good to get back into going out.

Oh yeah, if anyone is thinking of buying an electric toothbrush, it’s well worth taking a look at the Oral-B Pulsonic range. I got one recently after I immersed my decade-old rotary toothbrush in the sink accidentally, and the new one is weird but really effective at cleaning. First time in a long time that I’ve had that post-dentist feeling, and I think it’s worth what I paid for it..

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