Kayak Intervarsities, UL 2013

The weekend just past was a busy one. The University of Limerick Kayak Club hosted the 2013 Intervarsities, with 15 colleges from all around Ireland attending.

I was involved in the building of the whitewater course on the Falls of Doonass on the Castleconnell section of the Shannon, an area that is known to kayakers as the S-Bend. 4 gates were set up, with an upstream slalom pole, two buoys at the rock halfway down to get around and a touch banner at the Castle wall, with a sprint to the end. A lovely course that everyone could attempt, but only the good could hit all the gates.

My run, resulted in a bit of an embarrassing swim, but only the pride was hurt. The others on the team did so well that we ended up with a 3rd place in that event.

So overall the UL teams did well, with a 3rd in whitewater, a 2nd in the Long Distance, and a first place in the freestyle, WE WON!!!

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