Ulkc visit Wicklow

I managed to get shift coverage with work thanks to Eric. As I needed to be back in Limericks for work on the Sunday evening, I drove myself up. As it turned out, this was a good idea as it allowed a few more people to go.
We arrive to the hostel to find there was a miscommunication with the numbers staying, so the hostel owners spent a little while putting a few more beds together for us. And the evenings entertainment started… Luke found out why it’s a bad idea to fall asleep in the room where everyone is drinking! The black marker will eventually wear off,  we hope!
Next morning the sore heads fixed the tiredness with tea and weetabix, and off to the Avonmore river in Rathdrum for the first river of the day, paddling to the Meeting of the Waters. A nice trip, a few swims here and there but it was a lovely introduction to Wicklow. There are some decent eddylines on the river, and I managed to get the tail down in the Burn on one of them. A long day on the water, or it felt like it was anyway! After we got off the water there we went to Laragh to the carpark behind Lynagh’s hotel. Unfortunately though the Glenmacnass was empty of water so we went to take a look at Jackson’s, and we took a few of the willing newbies down as well with mostly fun consequences, but Luke tried to use his head as a brake with bloody results. Only a few steristrips needed, and with the assistance of a paramedic from the swift-water training also using Jackson’s he was patched up just fine.
Saturday evening involved crashing the party of the European Business group from DCU who were in the other half of the hostel. Very cute girls and the craic was mighty, with my lifting people (plural and simultaneously) up again…
Sunday was the Avonmore from Annamoe to Trooperstown Wood where myself and a few others had to get off to be back in Limerick,  while the group went on to Jackson’s.
Work was long and not the easiest that night with the fatigue from the weekend catching up.
A great fun-filled trip overall! :)
Any videos will be here (link to be updated) and pics will be here (link to be updated)

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