How to feel like an idiot.

I was at a BBQ recently out in Castleconnel, at the house of married friends of mine. Lots of kids running around, and a few of my other friends around as well as the couple’s neighbours and families.

I could only stay for a short while as I had work at 5-ish. I had thought that I had seen some of the other neighbours around before but I didn’t take much note. However I learned afterwards that two stars of the Munster team were sitting at the table near me, and I was completely oblivious to the fact that BJ Botha and Marcus Horan were there. I just didn’t cop to who they were :)

I was going to as the couple “does the big guy play rugby as we looks like he should” but I’m thankful that I didn’t show my ignorance.

They are really nice guys, and have great partners and families. It was actually good chats all round even if I didn’t pay attention to who they were. I figured though that they would be happier just having an ordinary evening over at the neighbours instead of having dumb conversations with fans..

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