So the stable of scopes gets one smaller.

I wave goodbye this evening to my most recent telescope acquisition. I’ve sold the Celestron 102XLT, on the CG4 German Equatorial mount, to one of my workmates.

It’s a great scope in its own right, as last night showed with great views of the Ring and Dumbbel. 102mm of aperture, and a focal length of 1000mm is more than enough to show many of the wonders of the sky. It’ll show stars down to mag ~12.5, and resolve to 1.15 arcsec. Fantastic for those that have no scope! It’s great that the scope is going to a good home, and will allow my workmate to access the sky for the first time. I’m jealous – I’d have loved a quality motor-driven scope as my first scope..

However I was simply not using it enough as it was the same setup time as the 8″ on the other computer-controlled mount. My grab’n’go scopes fulfil my need for the quick views between the clouds, and the 8″ fulfils the deeper views possible when the evening promises a few hours of clear skies. My plans for the 102 were to use it for a modification to the PST hydrogen-alpha telescope, replacing the original objective with the 102’s tube. However this was looking to be outside of my budget’s reach, and my interests in solar observing have been tempered by the Irish weather…

Next on the list? Possibly selling on the PST and the 8″ scopes and purchasing one of the Sumerian Optics 12″ travelscopes and an equatorial platform to put it on. That will allow easy storage, with decent aperture and transportability, and a very pretty piece of furniture as well. Or I can simply save up for that!

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