Charity cycle

With my shiny new full suspension bike, I took part in the charity cycle that took part yesterday (Sunday 19th) at the Ballyhouras trail centre in aid of the Cancer Care Foundation that is assisting the Mid-West Cancer Centre in the Regional Hospital, Limerick.

On the white loop for the first time, and for the first time doing that distance off-road, made it a bit of an epic undertaking. This was the first real endurance event that I’ve undertaken in 2 years, so there had to be a bit of preperation involved. Getting the powergels, energy bars and special drinks was a good idea.

Getting up at 6.30 on a wet sunday morning wasn’t!

Out at the trailhead at 8.30, registered and ready to go, we (myself and 5 other MBUL heads, Mr. Landy, and John the local forest manage) were on the trail at 9.10.

Full-suspension is definitely the way to go. So nice to be able to push and pull up and over bumps, with the knowledge that if you get it right, you feel so good! I’ve started taking risks on manualling over bumps to get both wheels landing flat on the downslope to make for a smoother ride..

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