BallyH mountainbike goodness

Saturday last (the 25th) was a day that was beautiful cycling weather, so it was arranged to meet up with Dave T in  BallyH and do the brown loop. As I was a bit late getting to the carpark, Dave had headed onwards to meet up with the rest of the group to take it handy while I caught up. I unpacked the bike and changed really quickly, hopped on the bike, clipped in and started cycling. I next took a break at the log with the banana graveyard behind it, at the brown/white division. 8.5km without getting off the bike, and at a fairly hard (for me) pace at about 45 minutes from the carpark to there. Fairly wrecked at this point. Dave was under time pressure to move onwards so himself and a few of the group headed for the rest of the Brown. I decided to do a portion of the white with the rest of the lads that were left. Lovely sections of the white, to test out the new rear spring that I fitted to the Reign to support my 15 stone weight ;) so it was a lot of fun keeping the tires on the trail and *hammering* along. Slow enough on the climbs, but I’m getting to the stage where I’m getting my balance and weight right for going around bends and humps and hollows.Youtube videos to follow soon.

All-important: keeping the bike on the trail….

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