Car problems, car problem resolution

The A4 gave me a bit of a fright recently, and led me to believe that I had a big enough prospective bill that scrapping was a probability.
The symptoms were simple enough. A few minutes into a journey starting with a cold engine, the engine would stutter and misfire. The ASR light would come on, and the car would be significantly down on power (barely making it to motorway speeds) and the fuel economy went through the floor.
The VAG-Com scanner showed up a problem with the control of injector 4, and a misfire on cylinder 4. Pricing the spare parts was looking at over 1000 euro, with a big labour bill on top too. As the car is c. 180,000 miles on the clock this was not really economically feasible, so I went browsing the car review sites and small ads for cars to suit what I was looking for in a replacement.
I asked a few questions on some forums I frequent, and it was suggested by some of the regulars on to try changing out the injector loom in the head as this is a known problem with the PD engines as they age. So I phoned up Western Motors, they had a loom in stock at €70, I picked it up at lunchtime and went digging in the engine after work. Not the easiest of jobs, but the new loom is now in and connected, and the car is back running on 4 cylinders again.
Now to organise the timing belt for another 60,000 miles of paid off and hopefully reliable mileage.

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