So Goodbye to Galway, and coming back to Limerick!

After a useful three years in Galway, I’ve got another job now. I’m moving back to Limerick at the end of the month, to work for an american multinational based out of the Tech Park. I’ll be a Unix Systems Engineer working an off-shift, and I’ll get to take up a concurrent full-time Masters of Engineering course in UL.

Happy Days! A position that will further my career and improving my long-term career prospects, broadening my skillset, a step up in renumeration, doing a postgraduate course that is important to me, and it means that I’ll be able to spend more time with people that I care about (most importantly Sarah!). A side-effect will be that I’ll have all of my possessions and clothing in one place for the first time in three years and I’ll be able to chose what sport I can do in my free time as I’ll have all my sports stuff in one place to choose from!!


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