It’s Saturday, and I’m going to go to town and buy me some toys..

If there’s an iPhone in stock I’ll be taking a good look at it, also thinking of little things like a new usb-key for the keyring, an external small usb harddrive, a nice large flatscreen tv (I wish!) or something else along those lines.

It’s bad that I have such a love for gadgets and gadgetry – it’s not exactly the toys themselves, but more what went in to them, and the wizardry involved in the engineering, the design, the manufacture and the aesthetics involved. It’s really cool to have little things that are really good at what they do in a really useful little package.

(edit) Nice little usb-connected harddrive, WD Passport 320gb in white for a good price from PCWorld. Now to copy over the contents of that torrent server…

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