Licensed Drone Operator

I decided to branch out my hobbies into the flying of small unmanned aerial vehicles, and I obtained a DJI Mavic Air 2 over the weekend. I’ve already passed all necessary qualifications to hold the IAA drone operator’s license which is applicable all across Europe.

That little aircraft is amazing really. The level of control it has, and the footage capability it has, are both so far ahead of what I previously had used. I’ve flown it through my Hexbeam radio antenna, I’ve flown it around and through the swingset on the lawn, and I can fly it around a (moderately large) room without issue.

The footage from 120m will be really interesting to see, and the panorama functions is pretty cool – especially when used with the HTC Vive VR goggles I got earlier in the year.

Going on hikes will now have some more interesting footage and pictures for the memory collection!

Best thing is the license and drone-specific insurance are Europe-wide, so once I comply with the local regulations and permissions, I can fly pretty much anywhere. Really looking forwards to that!

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