How dumb is dumb? This dumb..

Some time in the past two years, I had my Celestron CPC800 telescope on the footpath to the rear of the house, taking a look through the developing twilight at the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

I had invited the others in the house to come out and take a look, as for some it was to be their first time actually seeing the gas giants through a telescope.

One of the girls enjoyed looking at Jupiter and could discern the equatorial bands, then could see the Cassini division in Saturn’s rings. She then looks up at me and asks in all seriousness “Can you show me Earth now?”. Dumbfounded and utterly gobsmacked, I extend my arm to the right, rotate my forearm and extended index finger to point vertically downwards. “No, I mean through the telescope!” she says then. She genuinely thought that I would be able to show her, through the eyepiece, what the Earth looks like from space, while simultaneously standing on the surface of the same Earth.

What’s the worst thing is, she never realised how stupid the first question was, and then to double down on the dumb when she was given an out to laugh with.

I am glad I no longer have to interact on a regular basis with that level of dumb.

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