My graphics cards and CPUs through the ages.

Primary desktops:

YearCPUGraphics CardGraphics card 2Notes
1997P1332Mb S3 Virge DX
1999P3-50016Mb Diamond Viper V550 TNT
2000P3-650 (@1GHz)32Mb Geforce2 GTS AGP Creative LabsMatrox Mystique 220
2004A64 3000+128Mb Geforce 6600GT VIVO by Gainward4Mb Voodoo 1 Stolen
2005A64 X2 4200+256Mb Geforce 7600GTDVI failed
2010A64 X2 5000+ Black1Gb HD5770 MSI HawkCPU lost by Damo :/
2011Core i7 3930k2Gb GTX660 Asus Direct Cu-II
2019Xeon E5-1680v28Gb RTX2080 Zotac Amp Maxx
2020Ryzen 9 3900X8Gb RTX2080 Asus Dual OC6Gb GTX Titan Black
Quite the interesting progression over the years.

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