More PC stuff inbound

More hardware incoming! As the circumstances update, it’s looks likely it’ll be a little while longer before I’ll be able to dig through my main desktop for the planned upgrade process. Given that, I’ve decided to go a little further down the upgade path for my main desktop.

A moderately large Corsair order went in to my supplier of choice. First part is an Obsidian 750D Airflow case, with an HX1200i PSU to be installed. Then, there’s an H115i Pro to complete that Corsair package.

There’s availability √¨ssues with the HX1000i that I was hoping to get, so I went one step up in size as that was immediately available. There was an AX1000i but at ~400 odd it was not going to be enough of an improvement to justify that.

It turns out that this is the first time in about 18 years that I have a proper choice in choosing what case to get. The last case I bought separately was one of Chieftec Dragon miditower cases, door on the front, EL cable delineating the arches on the front fascia, heavily modded by myself, and I loved that case. Such a pity that PC was nicked from Elm Park.

The Corsair case appears to tick all of the boxes for me, and it’ll have enough space and slots inside for all of the hardware I want, without it being too big.

My primary desktop’s octa-core Xeon hardware as installed in the case is being farmed off to a friend who will be supplying their own HDD and graphics card, as they currently do not have access to a system capable of playing current games, so now that I have decided to build up my primary here it will be good for the older machine to give good use to someone that should enjoy it.

Quite interesting that (kinda accidentally) all of the hardware being sourced is either Asus/ROG or Corsair.

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