Note to Microsoft Accessories people:

If you lot ever engineer a direct replacement to the current Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, with properly backlit and transparent key letterings, you will have a definite winner on your hands.

My go-to preference for a keyboard is the above-mentioned Ergonomic 4000 and I’ve had the use of a few over the past few years. The feel and fit is pretty good for me, I really like the UK key layout as done on this keyboard. The only thing it’s missing is having the keys backlit or throughlit, to aid use in the dark. Backlighting to illuminate the gaps between the keys is something I can add myself with a handful of properly laid out EL-cable or LED strings, but it would be fantastic to be able to see the key assignments by through-illumination.

Bonus points available for RGB control – not for making it more flashy but for getting just the correct tone of deep and dim amber for comfortable night work. The lighting does not have to be bright – in fact dim is very much preferable.

What are the chances of getting this idea as a product we can pay for?

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