RGB, time to get on that bandwagon!

It would appear that the motherboard I’m getting (Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming) has an onboard RGB controller as one of the options built on. There’s two 4-pin RGB headers, and two 3-pin addressable headers. A quick look around the Alibaba showrooms, suggests there’s a reasonably large amount of products that are supported by the Asus Aura RGB ecosystem – the motherboard light accents, the tops of the Corsair Vengeance RAM modules, even the AMD-supplied fan on the Wraith Prism CPU cooler is RGB..

I’m fairly sure that I’ll set things to be temperature-controlled if I can. Gentle purple for normal conditions and a lurid red for the running hot.

I did request some LED addressable strips and some other lighting from the Chinese, and it’ll likely be in Limerick before I will be..

Kinda interesting this whole scenario, given I had built case mods with windows and UV-reactive items back in 2001 before it became popular. Nor I get to try and do a somewhat tasteful RGB implementation on this instance of my main desktop.

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