KiwiSDR installed and running

So, I got myself a KiwiSDR. This is now connected to the random longwire I’ve strung across the rear lawn. It’s available on

The KiwiSDR is a completely self-contained device, that consists of a Beaglebone Green micro computer, with an attached ‘cape’ that provides 30mhz of HF bandwidth to ~8 tuners. This means that (in one configuration) there are four tuners each with a waterfall available for use. Because the device is self-contained and accessible across networks without the use of a PC to host the tuning, there’s great flexibility in the device that can play and display the radio signals.

I’ve mine set in a configuration where there’s only two tuners with waterfalls, but there are another four allocatable tuners as a result. I’ve also got a number of those tuners operating as a reporter for WSPR signals on 60m, 40, and 20m.

Currently the antenna feeding this SDR is a ~20m random longwire strung across the rear lawn in a North/South direction, feeding 50m of coax cable and ending up at a Nooelec 9:1 unun. There’s a reasonably low noise level on this antenna for some reason, though the signal level is also a tad low. I have plans for either an Active Antenna amplified loop antenna, or something like a Wellbrook loop or a Bonito amplified dipole

My KiwiSDR is indexed on and available for public use.

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