SDR fun

It’s been an interesting time recently, properly nerding out with the dabbling back into Software Defined Radio. Using a USB device, getting radio signals from around the world into the laptop, and doing interesting things from there. It’s pretty cool to be able, with the same device and hardware and antenna, to tune in the time signal on 60kHz, through getting shortwave radio stations from Botswana tuned in, to deciphering digital radio stations, to decoding the RTTY weather forecasts from the German weather service, to picking up faint FM radio stations from around the south of Ireland, to hearing Marine band transmissions, to seeing my car keyfob transmissions, to decoding and plotting airplane ADSB transmissions. All for under a hundred Euro for the hardware, and a few hours of learning.

It’s quite the rabbithole, is amateur radio stuff. Thinking about the HAM license and possible the VHF license as well, as those may come in useful for future outdoor adventures..

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