Facebook stupidity continued..

Just checking my phone today, I saw that there were three Facebook applications running on my phone. A Facebook app manager, a Facebook app installer, and “Facebook services”.

I’ve never explicitly logged into Facebook on this phone, and I’ve had the app completely disabled (couldn’t uninstall due to Three having baked this piece of crap into the ROM) since taking delivery of the device two years ago.

The Facebook service app had transferred some 8gb of data since Feb 20th. At least now those apps are denied running.

Pretty piss-poor of Facebook not to take the hint on my device and install on the background. Must try and see what apps carried that malware payload onto the device.

It looks like a good time to root the device and completely remove Facebook, as well as add all Facebook domains and IPs to the null device. I’ll do that when the warranty runs out.


Update: – It’s the update to Android Pie that carried these pieces of crap onto the phone. Now the updates to those apps are uninstalled and the apps are disabled. Not good from Three Ireland tbh to have these baked into the ROM.

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