Goodbye MR2

So, the red 2-seater Japanese sports car has left my possession. It had been sitting awaiting bodywork repair to replace areas eaten by the dreaded tinworm, and was not going to be back on the road in the near future. The tinworm had caused a failed NCT, the first NCT it failed since I bought it some 8 or 9 years ago.
I had it stored out at my parents and one of the neighbours there decided they liked the look and wanted a project car, so they gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
Still doesn’t come anywhere near what I’ve spent on the car in the past few years in keeping it right, in insurance and tax and things like replacement of timing belt and brakes and the like. Cost per mile actually driven was fairly high, smiles per mile were very cost effective though!

I will definitely miss that car, but glad to have had it to drive when I had it. I’ll miss 100mph in 3rd gear!

Maybe I’ll keep a look out for a decent turbo, or a 3-series convertible at some time in the future as a fun car..

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