Happy 21st Birthday to Quake

Quake turned 21 years old today.

This brought me back to playing the game in the evenings in UL, after coming home from co-op. It was certainly a lot of fun playing against people on the east coast of the US as an LPB..

I have actually played this game through to completion a few times, and I have purchased it at least twice.

And, because some of my classmates in college were all players on the international tournament scene, there were more than a few stories from this game! Plus, I ended up getting an early user ID on boards.ie before that site became the behemoth it did.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to play with an Oculus Rift, and it makes the game hugely immersive and absolutely fantastic to play, and I would highly recommend to try this if you can.

ID software, many thanks for the experiences from this game.

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