Rant titles

I’ve been accused in the past of having ‘favourite’ rants – so here are a few of the titles of the common ones :)

  • Microsoft and how their business practices make for bad products, making more work for me.
  • Microsoft and how they make it so hard to interoperate with, even with non-core items .
  • Apple and the attempt to control such things as iPhone jailbreaking. My phone, my choice.
  • EULAs and how they are absolutely meaningless.
  • RIAA and *stupid* business methods, and their perversion of justice.
  • MPAA being idiots with filesharing. It’s free advertising you muppets.
  • Attempts to restrict free access to the Net – see Eircom rolling over for IRMA.
  • Fianna Fáil and their continuing to drive this country into the ground (again), taking a lot of value with them. Get out of the way and stop being part of the problem!
  • Road cameras in private hands – <sarcasm>Yep, this will make the roads safer <\sarcasm>. Be more precise about the blackspots..
  • The state of the roads in the country, you’d swear we haven’t had a cent to put towards infrastructure recently (see previous rant about Fianna Fáil)
  • The overuse of txtspk or IRC abbreviations in out-of-context situations e.g. web forums.

There are a few essays’ worth of stuff there, for another time perhaps..

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