Citroen Jumpy Multispace, a little review..

On the recent kayak club Alps training and development trip, we rented a 9-seater Citroen Jumpy Multispace. I drove this tank of vehicle for some 3200 km across France, Italy and Slovenia.
My impressions overall? I’d cry every day if this was my main mode of transport. It is really not a good vehicle.

Things that were not good with it:

    The gearstick was extremely loose and felt more worn than the gearsticks in my previous Landrover 109, and this made selection of gears a best-guess at best all of the time.
    The window switches are in a really awkward place for use.
    The drink holder prevents access to the pocket underneath it.
    Nowhere to store sunglasses.
    The flat floor means that anything in the boot that can fit under a seat will end up under your brake pedal eventually.
    Driver’s seat is not comfortable, and difficult to find a less-uncomfortable seating position. I’m 1.78m tall so not freakishly sized..
    All pockets in and on the dashboard that are reachable by the driver, will empty their contents onto the floor under any acceleration or facing up a hill.
    Gaining access to the rear seats is not easy, only one side of the 2nd row tilts independently and it’s not possible to tilt the full row from one side only.
    Returning the seat back on the 2nd row farthest from the tilting seat, from forward to upright, requires reaching across that seat back to reach a tiny lever, that then requires a second hand to lift the seat back to upright.
    The 12v sockets time out for providing power after some 2 min, if the engine is not started. Very annoying when trying to charge things.
    The powered folding mirrors feel really flimsy.
    The secondary wide-angle mirrors under the exterior rear view mirrors are not adjustable in any way.
    The driver’s door closing handle is in an unexpected place, and makes it difficult to easily close the door.
    The rear passenger doors feel like they are always about to fall off.

Things that were good?

    It started.
    It stopped.
    Cruise worked.
    Aircon worked, with settings down to 14 degrees. That’s cold to drive in.
    It used less fuel than expected.
    It seated 8 people without discomfort. The 9th was in the 1/2 seat between driver and front seat passenger.
    With three rows of seating, there was a hatchback’s bootspace behind the 3rd row.

Would I buy one? God no, and I’d recommend anyone that was thinking of one to go elsewhere before admitting all sorts of defeat in buying one of these.

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