Clutch :(

My car decided to throw its springs out of the Dual Mass Flywheel, making me a poor boy.

It’s the first time that the car has let me down, but I can’t complain. The extra torque that the engine delivers coupled with the 143k miles on the clock didn’t help. The car did give me warning that it would go with some squeaking and some strange clanking on under and overrun, and fun sounds at idle.

I was overtaking a car and a slow articulated truck when it went *clunk* leaving me to idle down in speed, and gentlpull over at the Ballydine bar between Ennis and Crusheen. I got recovered with my comprehensive insurance to the house in Galway, and Dave with Mike’s trailer was really nice and brought my car to Bansha where it was fixed.. €1000 lighter, I’m happy to havethe car back.

Now to investigate that little clunk from front right…

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