New years!

Not the standard new year’s celebrations. Myself and Sarah were up in Achill for the new year, staying Chez Hayes. The rest of the usual crew made it up too, staying in holiday homes at the foot of Sliabh Mór.

There was cycling done, up the Deserted village path and back, and from Chez Hayes via Sliabh Mór holiday Homes to Keem Bay. Then a bit of a climb to the coastguard station at the top of the hill to the west, back down and cycling to Keel and Chez Hayes again for a quick coffee. Still looking for more punishment, it was up to the deserted vilalge and up to the top of that track and back again. Legs were not happy, the body was though..

A day off and rest followed.

A hike was suggested by DaveBrady, to start at the deserted village and climb to Croaghaun, at the western end of the island. The Trooper dropped us off at the bog road, and we trekked across frozen bog along the spine of the island, and heading for the large seacliffs. The air temp was about -5, and the winds were 40+ km/h.. from the east! Ready to blow us over hte 600m high cliffs if we weren’t careful. Most of the party turned back at the cloudbase, as those wearing jeans weren’t dealing well with the cold at all. That left myself, John and DaveT to yomp up the last little bit, through the screaming cloiuds to reach the top in good form. We caught back up to the others, though DaveBrady and wench were on a time pressure, so they headed off ahead. I learned the advantage of the Quechua trekking pants over a helly-hansen thermal layer but thermal underpants are the way of the future in the future..

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