Fun and Games in Kerry for the Kayaker’s New Year!

2015 turned to 2016, and I spent it in the depths of Kerry once again. Spending time with ULKC members on an unofficial trip to the Kingdom, it’s the only way to ring in the new year!

Sharing the Sleepy Camel with UCDCC was enlightening, listening to the best of acoustic music, and seeing the social interactions between the club members, as well as seeing old acquaintances once more.

It was good to bump into a few of the oldies from my original era of uni paddling, Joxxer, Richie Gillespie, and a few more.

Paddling? There was some for sure. I paddled the upper Caragh at a lovely medium-high level, a few of the others paddled the Gearameane, the Owenreagh, the middle Flesk, the Roughty, as well as some other classics. 130mm of rain in 12 hours was enough to put the rivers in the area, already in spate conditions, well over flood stage and turning the waterways into large fields. The road around Caragh Lake was flooded to maybe 1 m deep, kinda scary!

The PA system in the Glenbeigh Hotel was not functioning correctly so the countdown was not properly done. Still managed a nice countdown ourselves in a corner..

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