C&S Recruitment drive – a long, but fun day..

Yesterday was the annual ULSU Clubs and Societies recruitment drive, hosted in the UL Arena.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been preparing the Skynet cluster infrastructure for this event, resurrecting the physical webserver after the hdds cooked during a previous aircon failure, and getting a few other little bits and pieces sorted. I had a lot of work to do to facilitate Keith O’Neill of Bluechief, as he was updating and upgrading the ULSU website, and Skynet had agreed to provide the hosting and backend management for that site.

The day itself was a long long day, in the college for 9 and immediately lifting and dragging the pod constituents from the new Sprinter in to the Arena. Then back up to the Stables and SU to collect the rest of the part as well as the Compsoc equipment to network some 80 PCs in three basketball courts with zero infrastructure..

Some 3000-4000 people attended the Drive over the 3h30 it was open to the college population. Many new members in all of the attending clubs and socs, and some good showings for the Kayak and Mountain bike clubs. Lots of good chats with people that I hadn’t seen in a while, great to make new acquaintances as well as meeting up with old friends.

I had to help out with the takedown as well, and I got out of the Arena at about half past 9 or so, got treated to pizza (lunch!) from the OPC after that as thanks for my assistance lifting and dragging..

Satisfying day to see so many new people around the Arena, and I’m looking forwards to seeing all of the new people at the club events as well!

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